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NSI Simplicite PolyDip LED/UV

Advanced PolyDip Technology
A Versatile Dipping system that can be used for tip and overlays or permanent polish enhancements giving the nail technician more service options

Consistent Coverage
You can coat all five nails with PolyBase and it does not dry out like traditional cyanoacrylate dip systems so product pickup stays consistent from nail to nail

Optional Rebalance
Cut down on service time by choosing to rebalance the nail, you don't have to soak off the product in between application.

Lightweight Flexible Wear
A lightweight and comfortable dip system for you clients, unlike traditional cyanoacrylate dip systems that elave the nail plate feeling tight and brittle.

Pigment Rick Powder
The powder in jar matches what the finished nail will look like which means much less product is needed to achive the perfect look.

Completely Odorless System
A perfect addition to Spas and Salons that want an odorless environment your clients won't complain about odor.