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Slimming and Toning

Multigenius Microcurrent Machine
Slimming and toning treatments are carried out with the Multigenius Microcurrent Machine, a very effective machine for optimal results. There are 59 different programmes for males/females including
• Intensive Slimming
• Slimming and Toning
• Cellulite Treatments
• Lymph Drainage
• Bust Firming
• Muscle Strengthening
• Face Lifting.

The duration of each treatment is 60 minutes

Mud Body Contour Wraps with Essential Oils
This treatment helps with slimming and body toning and also for hydrating re-mineralising detoxifying and refining skin texture and body shape. Before applying the mud, the skin is exfoliated thus increasing the circulation and aid mineral absorption. After applying the mud to the client’s body the client is wrapped in loose layers of plastic sheeting, foil and blankets to keep warm and maximise absorption of the minerals. This is left for 30 minutes and then cleaned off with damp tissues before massaging the skin with a hydrating cream .