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At Le Mart Spa & Beauty we offer a wide range of products including Facial, Body and Hair cosmetics, make-up, perfumes, and slimming products.

Gift Vouchers

Pamper your family and friends by making them feel special. Purchase a Gift Voucher to the value of the various treatments available at our salon. Our Gift Vouchers do not carry a time limit. You will definitely be giving them the perfect gift – a gift they will really appreciate.

Dermastir A Luxury Collection
• Dermastir A Caviar Day cream SPF30
• Dermastir A Caviar Night cream
• Dermastir A Caviar Luxury Mask
• Dermastir A Caviar Eye Contour
• Dermastir A Gold Cellular Radiance
• Dermastir A Caviar Sun Protection Moisturizer SPF50
• Dermastir A Caviar Tinted Sun Protection Moisturizer SPF50

Dermastir A Filler
• Eye & Lip Contour
• Collagen

Dermastir A Serum of Cosmetic Ampoules
29 different types of serum for Dry skin, Oily prone skin, Sensitive skin, All skin types, Anti-Ageing Care, and Whitening Care.

Dermastir A Luxury Serum
• Eye & Lip Serum
• Collagen
• Whitening Care.

Dermastir A Twisters
• Co. Q10 for Anti Ageing and Skin Brightening
• Retinol for Anti Wrinkle and Pigmentation
• Eye Contour for Eye bags, Dark circles and Wrinkles

Dermastir A Scrubs - Heating and Exfoliating Mask
• Dermastir Cranberry Scrub
• Dermastir Chocolate Scrub
• Dermastir Orange Scrub

Dermastir A Peel Off Mask
• Vitamin C
• Whitening
• Cryogenic

Dermastir A Massage Candle Oil
12 different fragrances of quality massage oil and delicate perfume which have excellent aromatherapy properties. Ideal for dry hands and feet and other parts of the body

For further info visit www.dermastir.com

Altadrine Slimming Products
Altadrine Thalasso Drink
This drink is a food supplement with algae fruit fibres vitamins and minerals that helps the draining processes. Ideals for people with problems of body water retention.

Altadrine Fat Burner Tablets
Altadrine fat burners are 100% pure and natural body fat burning tablets. Weight loss is immediate. These can be combined with the Altadrine Thalasso drink.

Altadrine Fat Liquidizer Capsules
Altadrine fat liquidizer capsules helps reduce body fat in specific areas of the body where fat loss is most desired without extra dieting.

Altadrine Fat Burning Soup
The more you eat…..the more you burn…..the more you lose… The soup is made from 100% organic vegetables with body fat burning properties and is easy to prepare.

For more info visit www.altadrine.com

A wide selection of the Swiss Colose cosmetics is available.

• Marine Depth Spa Shampoo for dry and neutral
• Angel Shampoo for Oily Hair
• Angel Conditioner for dry and damaged hair
• Angel Hair Soften Leave in Spray
• Angel Water Element Nursing Mask
• Angel Ice Mud Nourishing Treatment
• Angel Refined Oil for styling
• Angel Nourishing Cream ‘Leave in’ to protect against styling heat
• Angel Livening Styling Mousse
• Angel Sun Protection Pack. It is also ideal for chemically treated hair.

For more info visit www.salonuser.com